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helium Focused Network

Do you want to earn HNT for generating High Quality Content for the Helium Community?

Network with Others

Grow your Personal or Business Network and extend your reach into the Helium Community. 

Create Content

Provide great Articles, Regular Blogs, Video Content that others can learn from and get rewarded for it.  

Join the Marketplace

Sell or Buy Products on the Helium Marketplace. 


What we do for you


Helium Focused Network

Create and Manage your Personal or Business Brand or Identity in the Helium Community,

Post Helium focused content, write guides, articles, blogs that reach a broad audience and get rewarded for it. 

Connect with others, build friends, relationships or partnerships, support other businesses and projects adopting Helium



Simple Reward System

We aim to reward good behavior by awarding points when you do good things.

Creating Content, liking, commenting or sharing posts – supporting others, helping to grow the community earns you points.

Those points can be used to add perks to your account, boost posts or pages and you can even withdraw to your wallet and turn it into a currency of your choice. 




IoT Focused Marketplace

Search for Products from Approved Manufacturers in our Open Marketplace. 

From Full Mining Hotspots, simple Light Hotspots or just Sensors for DIY or project development.

Software, Tools and Services all Approved for use on the Helium Network and from names you trust.

Let’s see what the community is creating!


Pages, Groups & Jobs

To help you manage your community, group, business or brand we want to highlight you.

Boost your posts or pages, create jobs or setup Ad Campaigns to help ensure your success


Community Support Forums

Get Help, Provide It, Build your Own Community.

Access Regional or Local Forums, Guides, Troubleshooting Tips.

We want to build a vibrant, open community



Funding System

Support developers by investing in their companies, donating funds or get help for your Startup and request funding. 

We want to help you achieve success by giving you every chance of success. 



Helium Early Adopters, Hotspot Owners, Validators, Developers, Content Creators, Startup's, Manufacturers and Businesses

We want to provide a place for you to grow away from the noise and competition of the larger platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin.

The focus on you, your content or your project or product.

Small, Medium or Large Businesses and Enterprise Companies looking for to adapt, or gain an edge

Get setup before the gates open to the public ready to sell your products or services, or have your content consumed by the larger community.

Sign up and establish your identity or brand from the start.


Hotspot Manufacturers & App Developers

We want to give you a place to sell your products, reach a community who wants your products, easily manage your ads,  marketplace, groups and forums and help with customer support. 

Coverage Providers & Hosts

We want to help you find each other, work together, connect, talk and optimize your deployments and find ways to increase your earnings on all sides. 

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