Gibsons, BC, Canada

We have started our expansion into Gibson with our first two hotspots staked so this area is about to become popular.

We are looking for additional hosts from Lower to Upper Gibson, along the Sunshine Coast Highway as far as Sechelt.

Bowen Island, BC, Canada

We are beginning Helium Network Coverage expansion on Bowen Island in a number of key locations.

We are accepting applications for hosts along the West side and East side of Bowen, especially where height or Line of Sight to Vancouver and/or Gibsons is available.

Sechelt, BC, Canada

Sechelt is at the most northen end of our expansion at the moment and we are looking for a few hosts who can host a single hotspot in or around Sechelt.

This could be at your home, your rental or air-bnb property, business location or property. Hosting helium hotspots provide a long term sustainable income for hosts in the right areas.

Roberts Creek, BC, Canada

We are looking for a number of hosts in or around Robert Creek, BC to host Hotspots that help us to connect with Gibsons, Sechelt and surronding areas.

Hosts earn HNT or CAD for helping us to provide coverage.

Passage Island, BC, Canada

Are you one of the lucky residents of Passage Island, just off the coast of Vancouver – or do you have access to an allotment there – would you be willing tho host a Helium Hotspot for us?

Passage Island is a challenging location and interesting to us, we are really would appreciate your help getting out there.

Gambier Island, BC, Canada

Are you a resident, business, community or have access to a location on Gambier to host one or more helium hotspots?

We would really appreciate helping to fill some blind spots by hosting one of our Hotspots. In return, you earn HNT or USD and help to expand the Helium Network.

Tsawwassen, BC, Canada

We are currently accepting applications for a small number of hosts in the Tsawwassen area.

Apply to host a hotspot with us and earn revenue for providing coverage for the Helium Network

Point Roberts, US

Are you a resident of Sechelt, own a business, own land, have access to a property and would like to earn a passive income stream while helping out your community?

We would like to install a small discreet hotspot at your location.

Apply to become a NoCo Helium Hotspot Host and earn HNT or CAD while the device is online and running.

South Surrey, BC, Canada

We have begun expanding in your area.

We are currently looking for Hotspot hosts around South Surrey, White Rock and near the coastline.

If you would like to host a Helium Hotspot in this area, let us know.

Delta, BC, Canada

We are looking for Landowners in the Delta region willing to host one or more hotspots to help us expand coverage in your area.

We take care of the installation, interation, support and operation while you earn a passive income stream for allowing us access to the device now and then to optimize it.

Apply today to host a hotspot in your area, devices are limited!

Langley, BC, Canada

We are currently seeking additional hosts for locations toward Langly in BC, Canada.

If you would like to earn a passive revenue locked up in your property, apply to host a Helium Hotspot today.

North/West Vancouver

Currently seeking locations in North Vancouver, Cyrpress, West Vancouver or any location with height, roof access and line of sight toward Vancouver, Vancouver Island, Bowen, Delta, etc.

Help us to take advantage of your location and earn rewards for hosting our hotspots