Hello Gibsons!

We are looking for hosts to adopt a NoCo Helium Hotspot in your area.

You will gain a passive revenue stream by helping us transmit data about the Ecosystem, Wildlife, Habitat and Environment from Bowen, to Sechelt, Vancouver Island and elsewhere.

All you need to qualify – is to live in the area, own a business or have access to a property, reserve or area with enough room for us to install a Small, Discreet, Helium Hotspot and Antenna.

This could be your roof, garden, shed, attic, your office, airbnb or any available space you have – but height and line of sight to other Hotspots are important – as this enables you to earn more – and us – to deploy the needed coverage.


We are deploying in your area now and there are only a few hosts needed per location, so apply soon and be the first to host.


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Why Gibsons?

Gibsons is the Gateway from Vancouver to the Beautiful Sunshine Coast and a popular getaway for tourists and hikers but it also has important ecosystems and habitats we want to learn about

We are embarking on a quest to track data at scale across every square km of Canada, beginning with Gibsons

This data includes information about the Weather, Temperature, any Earthquakes or Landslides, Fire, Wind, Water, Rainfall, Flooding, CO2, Sunlight and more. This data is heard by our hotspots and sent over the internet where we record it. 

Data such as this, is is made available to Government, Local Communities and Enterprises, Businesses or anyone who needs it, so that we can all have real time information on both the historical and future health of our Island, it’s habitat, wildlife and communities.

The Devices we use to help transmit the data are Helium Hotspots, these devices allow us – and the host to earn through a decentralized model called Proof of Coverage. We use the funds, generated in HNT (a crypto currency) to fund our business model while also rewarding the hosts (in CAD or HNT) for allowing us to use their location.  

The best way to sustain the world around us, is to understand it – and the best way to do that is with long term data that is monitored in real time, all day, every day.

Our business model allows us to reward our hosts for expanding the network where we need it, and in turn share the rewards. 

Having the Helium Network available allows us on Bowen will both allow us to sustain our business model which we use to build devices that can transmit the needed data to help better understand the world around us. 


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